Kavita Rooj, Honorary Editor, India Education Forum

Kavita Rooj, an esteemed alumnus of the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) and Columbia Business School, brings to the India Education Forum (IEF) an unparalleled blend of academic excellence and practical insight, honed over two and a half decades of strategic leadership in the IT and Education sectors.

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Fostering Excellence: The Imperative of Collaborative Research and Development in Indian Universities

As a member of the India Education Forum (IEF), my commitment lies in the continuous enhancement of our higher education system. One of the potent strategies in this pursuit is cultivating collaboration in research and development (R&D) between academia and industry.

Pankhuri Nigam
Honorary Council Member,
India Education Forum

Why India Education Forum?

Empowering Future Universities

IEF stands as a beacon of optimism, uniting all stakeholders to shape the future of higher education. Together, we are crafting ideas that not only focus on offering world-class education but also foster innovation, ensuring a brighter tomorrow.

Inclusive Discourse, Transformative Impact

At IEF, we ignite engaging debates and discussions on the challenges and prospects within India's higher education landscape. By actively participating in consultative mechanisms, we sow the seeds of positive change that will flourish into a stronger education system.

Nurturing Innovation in Education

IEF is the nurturing ground for fresh ideas and groundbreaking paradigms in higher education. As we work towards building an appropriate framework, we encourage the birth of innovative concepts that will elevate learning experiences and opportunities.

Forging Pathways to Global Prestige

Our collective efforts at IEF are a driving force behind the creation, evolution, and elevation of higher education institutions that embody global excellence. Together, we are scripting India's journey to join the ranks of developed nations, powered by an agile, innovative, and world-class higher education system.

Fostering Collaborative Excellence

IEF is a catalyst for collaborative excellence, bringing together policymakers, educators, and stakeholders to nurture quality standards and strategic alignment. By fostering synergy and addressing crucial aspects, we shape a higher education landscape that's resilient, inclusive, and forward-looking.

Crafting Industry-Ready Graduates

With an unwavering focus on employability, IEF envisions an education system that nurtures skills aligned with industry needs. By fostering a symbiotic relationship between academia and the corporate world, we empower graduates to step confidently into the professional realm.


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