Digital Transformation Of The Teaching Community

As the coronavirus-induced pandemic spread itself across the world, most universities, colleges and schools found themselves ill-prepared for online learning or remote classes.

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Future Of Apprenticeship In India

There is growing anxiety across the world about higher education – students are uncertain about the return on investment due to rising tuition fees on one hand and uncertainty about career prospects on the other.

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Career Outlook Report Jan-June 2022

The lockdown impacted everyone - the prolonged uncertainty hampered business continuity, campus shutdowns impacted learning outcomes and students bore the severest of the brunt of the pandemic!

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Aligning Education And Skilling

For years, corporate social responsibility (CSR) was more a public relations activity across the world. Often companies took on social responsibilities only after a debacle - after an oil spill or being called out for polluting groundwater, etc. However, CSR is now a business imperative.

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Covid-19 Learning Loss in Higher Education Report

"We have realized that there is a gap between what students are taught and what the industry requires- we are trying to bridge that gap"

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COR Jul Dec 2021 Final

The world of work has been profoundly affected by the global virus pandemic. In addition to the threat to public health, the consequent economic and social upheaval threatens to disrupt the livelihoods,careers and wellbeing of millions.

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Career Outlook Report Jan June 2021

TeamLease EdTech is on a mission of Making India Employable. This report is our initiative to nurture insights that can help fresh job aspirants understand the trends and gain their foothold in the market and gain relevant skills.

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